Used Marine Generators, Marine Auxiliary Engines, Marine Propulsion Engines

Mitsubishi S6B for Sale

Mitsubishi S6B marine motor engines and complete Generator available for sale.

We are suppliers of used Mitsubishi marine engines and generators sourced from ship recycling yards.

We source all Mitsubishi S6B marine motors and generators which are I working condition. We do the needful top to end servicing and replace damaged parts before supplying to our valued customers.

Presently available in stock Mitsubishi S6B marine engines and complete generators and are for sale.
Subjected to being unsold.

Interested buyers do contact us for price and other details.

Whatsapp/phone : +91-9745527006

Cummins KTA19 for sale


Available in stock complete Unit of Cummins KTA19 auxiliary motor engines in excellent working condition.
These Cummins auxiliary motor engines were removed from ship in its running condition at ship recycling yard.

Required top to end servicing is done at our yard and the Cummins motor engine is ready for dispatch. 

Interested buyers do contact us for price and other details.
Subjected to being unsold 

Whatsapp/ Phone : +91-9745527006

CAT 3406 service manual for sale

Service Manual for Caterpillar 3406 for Sale

Available service manual book for CAT 3406 diesel motor engines. We supply used manuals sourced for ship dismantling yards.

Service manuals for all caterpillar engines are available and subjected availability in stock. The manuals are in excellent reusable condition.

Interested clients do contact us for more details

Whatsapp / phone : +91-9745527006
Customer care : +91-80-46042118 ( free call / charges may apply)

CAT 3516 for Sale

Caterpillar 3516 for Sale
Used second hand
Removed from ship
Marine Engines and Marine motor generators for sale

Available in stock CAT 3516 and is for sale. In excellent running condition removed from ship. The caterpillar marine engine is complete and is ready to dispatch.

Details are as below
Make ; Caterpillar
Type : D 3516 DI
KW : 1600

Kindly contact us for price and availability
Subjected to bring unsold.

Ph /  Whatsapp: +91-9745527006

MTU 12V538 for sale | Marine Propulsion Motor Engine with Gearbox for sale

MTU 12V538 Marine Motor Engine with Gearbox for sale.

Used marine engine with gearbox second hand and in excellent working condition.

Available in stock, for sale, ready to dispatch
Details of the engine as below

Make : MTU
Type : 12V538
Kw : 1480
RPM : 1710
Gearbox Make : ZF Marine Germany

Presently 2 nos engines with gearbox is available in stock.
Subjected to being unsold
Location : India

Alfa Laval M-10 BF for sale

Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE)
For sale
Used second hand
Fully reconditioned

We supply reconditioned fully refurbished plate heat exchangers sourced from ship breaking yards in India.

At present, available used second hand fully refurbished reconditioned Alfa Laval M-10 BF in stock a d is available for sale.

Interested buyer for used Alfa Laval Heat exchangers kindly do contact us. We also supply used titanium plates for these heat exchangers along with frame.

Ph/ whatsapp : +91-9745527006

Woodward Governor for Sale

Woodward Governors
Used / unused / reconditioned Woodward Governors for sale.

We source and supply Woodward governors which are reusable for marine engine and marine generators
The Woodward governors supplied by us are sourced from ship recycling yards in India and are in excellent working condition.

For all your requirements for used Woodward Governors kindly do contact us with complete details of your requirements.

Plate Heat Exchanger for Sale | Used Second Hand Reusable

Plate Heat Exchanger
Used / Second Hand

We source and supply Plate Heat Exchanger used second hand fully reconditioned and reusable.
All types of heat exchangers are sourced and supplied by us subjected to availability. These plate heat exchangers are sourced from ship breaking yards and are tested reconditioned at our yard before supplying to our customers.

We source gasketed, welded and brazed plate heat exchangers. Refurbished and reconditioned PHE plates are also sources and supplied along with other required spare parts.

For more details on price and availability do contact us.

Mitsubishi S6R / 500 KW / 625 HP| Reusable Marine Motor Engine

Mitsubishi S6R
Reusable marine motor engine for sale
500 KW
625 HP
1650 RPM

We source and supply Mitsubishi S6R Marine Motor Engine used second hand which are in good working condition and are reusable

Make : Mitsubishi
Type : S6R
Power : 500 KW
Condition : Used in good working condition
Ready to dispatch
Subjected to being unsold

Interested customers contact us for price and other details 

Mitsubishi S6N | Reusable Generator Removed from Ship

Mitsubishi S6N
Used Marine Motor Generator
Reusable, removed from ship

We source and supply used marine motors and marine generators. Presently available in stock Mitsubishi S6N complete marine generator in stock. 

KVA : 250
PS : 315
RPM : 1200
Hz : 60

The available Mitsubishi S6N generator is in excellent running condition and ready to dispatch
Location : India
Subjected to being unsold
Contact us for price and other details

CAT 3412 Marine Motor Engine and Generator | Reusable / Used

CAT 3412

Caterpillar 3412 marine motor engines and marine generators available for sale. We maintain regular supply of used second hand caterpillar marine motor generators and marine motor auxiliary engines directly sourced from ship breaking yards in India.

We source and supply CAT 3412 marine motor generator on demand.
Contact us for price and availability

Mitsubishi S6B marine motor generator for sale | Reusable / Used

Mitsubishi S6B

Marine Motor Generator
Marine Auxiliary Motor Engine

Deals in sourcing and supplying used second hand Mitsubishi S6B marine motor generators and auxiliary motor engines.

The generator and engines are removed from ship and we do all required top to down servicing and cleaning along with load test. Once they are in excellent working condition we supply them to our valued customers.

Contact us for price and availability.

All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it does not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.For more details kindly read our Disclaimer Policy

We are regular suppliers of Marine Diesel Engines, Marine Diesel Generators and Spare Parts based in India. All are used and removed from ship at ship recycling / ship breaking yards in India and are properly reconditioned and checked before supplying to clients

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