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Cummins 200 KVA Generator for Sale | NTA 855

  • Make : Cummins
  • Type : NTA 855
  • KVA : 200
  • RPM : 1500
  • Frequency : 50 Hz

Wartsila 12V32 LN HFO Generator for Sale | 4.3 MW Plant

Used Wartsila 12V32 LN of 4.3 MW is available in stock and for sale.

The used Wartsila generators can runs on HFO and are a diesel generator. The used Wartsila diesel generator was removed from ship at ship dismantling yard. Required top to end cleaning / servicing is done. The used diesel generator is in excellent running condition. With this unit of used Wartsila 12V32LN we provide original aux equipments.
The used Wartsila 12V32 LN diesel generator was timely overhauled and all records are available which can be made available to the buyer. The used Wartsila 12V32 LN of 4.3 MW is available with its control panel, lube oil separators, ventilation system, cooling towers, starting system, transformer, chimney, Filters, etc. The Wartsila 12V32 LN is in excellent working condition.

300 KVA, 1200 RPM, 60 Hz | Yanmar S 165 Generator Sets for Sale

Yanmar S 165 LUT Generator Sets

Available in stock and ready to dispatch
The generators were removed from ship in working condition.
Details as below

Yanmar 6 HAL- HT | Marine Diesel Engine Parts for Sale




Yanmar Marine Generators Spare Parts for Sale

Condition : Used Reconditioned
Make : Yanmar 6 HAL - HT

Daihatsu 26H | Daihatsu Marine Engine Spare Parts

Spare parts for Daihatsu 26H is available in stock and subjected to unsold.

Details of available spare parts are as below

480 KVA, 900 RPM | 6DS 18A Daihatsu Marine Generator

Used Daihatsu Marine Diesel Generator available in stock and for sale

Subjected to being unsold

  • Make : Daihatsu
  • Type : 6DS 18A
  • KVA : 480 KVA
  • RPM : 900
  • Frequency : 60 Hz

CAT 3408 | Used Marine Diesel Engines / Generators and Spare Parts for Sale

Caterpillar used marine propulsion engines, 800 HP Caterpillar
Pre Owned CAT 3408

In stock used marine diesel engine Condition: in running condition

Daihatsu DL 28 | Used / Unused Spare Parts for Sale

Spare Parts for Daihatsu DL 28 Marine Engine is available. The parts are used and reconditioned, reliable and reusable.

Daihatsu, DL28, used, spare parts, reconditioned, new, unused
Pre owned Daihatsu Parts
Daihatsu, DL28, cylinder head, piston, liner, spare parts, con rods, crankshaft, turbocharger
Pre Owned Daihatsu Marine Engine Part

Bergen KVMB12

Bergen KVMB12 Marine Propulsion for Sale

Available in stock and removed from ship
Currently 2 Units in excellent working condition ready in stock

Bergen KVMB marine motors for sale
Bergen KVMB12 Pre Owned

Bergen KVM 12 Connecting Rods | 7644 & 7645

Bergen Diesel Engine Spare Parts / Used Reconditioned
Engine Make : Bergen
Type : KVM 12

Bergen BMV-N, KVM 12, connecting rods, main engine, spare parts, 7644, 7645
Bergen engine parts

Complete Heat Exchanger / CAT marine engine 3406 & 3408

1-1 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (Photo credit: )
Shell and tube heat exchanger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A Diesel generator on the Argonaute, ...
English: A Diesel generator on the Argonaute, Caterpillar 3406, 345 kW. Français : Un générateur Diesel à bord de l'Argonaute, Caterpillar 3406, 345 kW. ---- (Photo credit: Wikipedia)














  Used Refurbished Plate Heat Exchagers available

We are regular supplier of used refurbished heat exchangers required for all types of Marine Engines. PHE plates made of steel and titaniu, available with complete frame. Contact us with details of your requirement like type /make of PHE require or the details of engine like HP / Power / RPM /  Mfg / which will help us to provide you with the exact match

Cummins 6BT for sale

Available in stock Cummins 6BT 5.9-G2 in excellent working condition. The motor engines and generators are removed from ship in its running condition at ship breaking yards.

All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it does not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.For more details kindly read our Disclaimer Policy

We are regular suppliers of Marine Diesel Engines, Marine Diesel Generators and Spare Parts based in India. All are used and removed from ship at ship recycling / ship breaking yards in India and are properly reconditioned and checked before supplying to clients


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