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Mitsubishi S16R PTA for Sale

Mitsubishi S16R PTA Used Generator for Sale

Mitsubishi 1750 KVA @1500 RPM and 50 Hz Complete Genset for Sale
Available in stock
Subjected to being unsold

The details of available as below

  1. Make : Mitsubishi
  2. Type : S16R PTA
  3. RPM : 1500
  4. Cycles : 50
  5. KVA : 1750
  6. Kw : 1590

The Genset is in excellent working condition

For more details on price, availability and shipping, kindly do contact us.

Mitsubishi S16R PTA
Manufactured by: Mitsubishi
Model: S16R1750KVA
Product ID: S16R Mitsubishi
5 based on 28 reviews
$95.000 Used 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

CAT C32 ACERT - 1000 KVA Generator

used, reusable, second hand, industrial, canopy, sound proof, standby, diesel generator
Caterpillar C32 Generator

Type : C32 Diesel Generator
Mfg : Caterpillar

Product Features
  1. USED Caterpillar - Generator
  2. 2 Units available

Product Description
  1. Engine Model :C32
  2. 890 HP Engine
  3. 50 Hz
  4. Working Condition
  5. Weight : 6486lb 2942.00011182kg
Both the Caterpillar C32 generators are in excellent working condition and with low running hours. Well maintained engines and alternator. Contact us for more details.
Subjected to being unsold.

CAT 3516B | GenDrive

Type : 3516B

second hand, reusable, excellent, working, sell
Caterpillar Engine 3516B

Caterpillar Used Diesel and Gas based Engines and power genset
Condition : Used Working Condition

Product description:
Excellent condition Auxiliary Engine as well as complete generator available in stock and subjected to being unsold

Product Description Engine :
  1. HP : 2286 Hp
  2. Governor : Electronic governor
  3. Starter : Electric starter
  4. Engine RPM: 1800
  5. Cooling Method : Radiator ( on demand can be replaced with PHE and supplied)

Contact us for more details
Subjected to being unsold.

For Sale Marine Diesel Generator

used, sale, second hand, generator, power, good, excellent
Used Marine Power Genset

reusable, power set, buy now,
Power Product

We supply almost all makes of used and reconditioned marine and industrial standby generators. These gensets are soured from ship dismantling yards as well as from industrial areas. These power products
are fully tested by professional skilled engineers and load test / dyno test is carried our at our yard.

Our supply fulfils all requirement of requirement. These supplier power products / generators are economical and provide long lasting services to the buyers. The diesel generators supplied by us are available with complete details like

HP, KVA, engine number, Kw, RPM, Make, Type etc
. These details helps the owners in future for locating the exact matching spare parts.

We also supply and HFO Fuel operated generators. Interested buyers do contact us with complete details of their requirement like KVA, RPM
, Cycles etc and we will source and supply you with the matching your requirements.
After sales, spare parts services are also available by us. We maintain regular inventories and also associated with genuine OEM, OCM, used, unused and reconditioned parts for these supplied generators.

World Wide Power Products
Manufactured by: Marine - Industrial Generators
Model: Power Product
Product ID: Power Genset
5 based on 20 reviews
$55000 Negotiable- Used 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

CAT 3512 | Used Diesel Engines and Generators

Used Caterpillar Diesel Generator for sale

of 1337 KVA of CAT available in stock.

Turbocharger TPS 52 E01 for sale

second hand, sale, business, seller, available, reconditioned
Turbo TPS52E01 for Sale

Used / Reconditioned / Reusable

Turbocharger for Sale
Available in stock following turbocharger and is for sale. The details of the available turbocharger as following

We source and supply used turbo chargers. These turbochargers are sourced from ship recycling yards and are tested by experienced engineers and fully guaranteed turbos. Some turbos are also fully reconditioned and supplied to valued customers.
Interested buyers do contact us for more details.

Turbocharger TPS 52 E01
Manufactured by: Turbos
Product ID: TurboTPS
5 based on 200 reviews
$13800 Used - Negotiable 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

750 KVA MAN B&W 5L23/30 Marine Generator

business, KVA, RPM, seller, suppliers, manual, fuel, specs, dealer, spare
MAN B&W 5L23/30 Generator

Used marine MAN B&W generator available in stock
Ready for Dispatch
Condition : Used / Running takeout from ship

Details of the marine generator as below

Interested parties do contact us for more details
Subjected to being unsold

We at present in position to supply 2 Units, complete and in working condition. Contact us also for used spare parts for MAN B&W engines.

MAN B&W 5L23/30 Generator
Manufactured by: MAN B&W 23/30
Model: 3512GENERATOR
Product ID: MAN B&W generator of 763 KVA
5 based on 22 reviews
$45000 Used - Negotiable 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

MAK 9M20 Engine with Kuypers Gearbox for Sale

used marine, reusable, second hand , main engine
MAK 9M20 used marine engine
used gearbox, reconditioned, second hand
Kuypers used gearbox

Available in stock

For Sale
Subjected to being unsold

Presently available marine engine with gearbox as per details below
  • Make : MAK

  • Type : 9M20

  • RPM : 900

  • Kw: 1395

Gearbox Make : Kuypers

Gear Ratio : 4.29:1


Condition: Both engines and gearbox in excellent working Condition
The engine is separate and gearbox is matching to the offered MAK 9M20 Engine.
Interested buyers do contact us for more details.

Marine Engines,
MAK 9M20,
1800 HP Engine,
Marine Engine With Gearbox

Bergen KRG6 Cylinder Heads

Business, supplier, ship spare, engine spare parts, reusable
Bergen Motor Cylinder Head
stockist, seller of bergen engine parts, marine engine parts, reconditioned
Bergen Motor Reconditioned Spare

Used Reconditioned Reusable
Available in stock and for sale
Subjected to being unsold

  • In stock
  • Make : Bergen
  • Type : KRG 6
  • Spare Parts : Cylinder Head

Condition : Fully Reconditioned / Reusable OEM guaranteed part

Inspection and test permission allowed on demand.
Interested buyers kindly do contact us for more details

Cylinder Heads for Bergen KRG6

Bergen KRG6 spare parts available in stock Used and fully reconditioned.

Bergen Engine Spare Parts
Manufactured by: Bergen
Model: Bergen KRG6
Product ID: Cyinder Head
5 based on 20 reviews
$ 81200.00 Negotiable - Used Reconditioned 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

Lube Oil Pump | Wartsila R22

Pump for Wartsila Engine, Marine lube oil pump, price, sell, supplier, dealer, stockist, spare parts, ship
Lube Oil Pump

Spare Parts / Original Used
Fully reconditioned

Readily available in stock and for sale
Presently available single piece in stock and is in reconditioned / reusable

Interested buyers contact us for more details. The pump removed from original wartsila engine and reconditioned by professional marine engineers. We also supply other used and reconditioned spare parts for Wartsila R22 engine.

Wartsila R22
Manufactured by: Wartsila
Model: Lube Oil Pump
Product ID: Used Lube Oil Pump
5 based on 20 reviews
$5000 Used Reconditioned - Negotiable 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

Engine Block | Wartsila 8L20

Valves, Connecting rods, Pistons, Rings,
Engine Block Wartsila

Wartsila 8L20 Engine Spares for sale
Used / Reconditioned / Reusable Parts Suppliers.

Presently available in stock ENGINE BLOCK for wartsila 8L20 engine.
In excellent reusable condition.
Ready to dispatch.
Interested client do contact us for more details and third party inspection permission.
Location : India

Further, we do maintain regular inventory for Wartsila 8L20 engine used reconditioned spare parts. Below mention are Ship spares available











Wartsila 8L20 Parts
Manufactured by: Wartsila
Model: WartsilaL20
Product ID: 8L20-Wartsila
5 based on 38 reviews
$15000 Used / Unused - Negotiable 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

RH 1222 Marine Turbo for Sale

second hand, reconditioned, sale, reusable,
Turbocharger RH 1222

Available in stock used and in working condition complete turbocharger as per details below
  • Type : RH 1222
  • Max Speed : 67000
  • Max Temp : 750

Readily available for Sale
Subjected to being unsold
Contact us for more details and availability.

Marine Turbocharger
Manufactured by: IHI RH Series
Model: Turbos Repaired
Product ID: Marine Turbos
5 based on 28 reviews
$6000 Used 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it does not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.For more details kindly read our Disclaimer Policy

We are regular suppliers of Marine Diesel Engines, Marine Diesel Generators and Spare Parts based in India. All are used and removed from ship at ship recycling / ship breaking yards in India and are properly reconditioned and checked before supplying to clients

Contact Us anytime on whatsapp at: +91-9745527006

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