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Sea Water Pump | Yanmar M220

Yanmar Spare Parts Supplier

Sea Water Pump

Condition Used and in excellent working condition



Other Spare Parts for Yanmar M220 Auxilairy Engine and Main Engine


Sourced from Ship Recycling Yard


Yanmar M220 SPare Parts

Also available in stock other major used recondition parts for Yanmar M220 Motor, as listed below
  • Piston Rings
  • Exhaust Valve Spindle
  • Cylinder Liner
  • Piston
  • Cylinder Block
  • Rotocap
  • Delivery Valve
  • Fuel Feed Pump
  • Camshaft
  • Connecting Rod Bolt
  • Bed Plate

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Crankshaft and Spares | Yanmar M200 | Yanmar M220

Yanmar Marine Engine Spare Parts

We are supplier of used recondition spare parts for all type marine main engines, auxiliary and propulsion engines.

Currently available in stock

Standard Size Crankshaft
For Yanmar M200 and Yanmar M220

We also have all major recondition reusable parts for above mention engine in stock.
Cylinder Head Piston
Turbocharger Governor
Connecting Rods Plunger
Nozzle Delivery Valve
Injectors Cylinder Liner

For any of your required parts, do contact us with the required part list.
If interested in complete engines or Generator Yanmar M200  and Yanmar M220, do contact us for the price and delivery terms.

Yanmar M220 Yanmar M200
Manufactured by: Yanmar
Model: M200
Product ID: M220

Yanmar Marine moteur motori usado navis marina for Sale

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HFO Based | Yanmar M220 L- EX Generator for Sale

used yanmar HFO IFO using generators, 800 KVA, RPM, Engine, Motor, specification, fuel consumption
Yanmar M220 L-EX 

Power plants and Generators
Available in stock and for sale
Subjected to being unsold

Details as below

  1. Make : Yanmar

  2. Type: M 220 L EX

  3. RPM : 720

  4. Rating: 975 PS

  5. Kw : 650

  6. KVA : 812

  7. Frequency : 60 Hz

  8. Volts : 450

The generator was removed from ship and is in excellent running condition.
We also supply major used reconditioned and unused spares for Yanmar M 220 Generator.

Interested clients do contact us for more details on availability and other supply terms.

Location: India

Subjected to being unsold.

We also supply on CIF terms or delivered up to purchasers yard / works. Our inventory is regularly updated with available used marine engine / auxiliary engines, spare parts turbochargers etc. Kindly regularly visit our web link for latest stock updates or subscribe to our web link.

Yanmar M220L-EX
Manufactured by: Yanmar
Model: HFO Generator
Product ID: M220-Yanmar
5 based on 200 reviews
$65000 Used 
In stock and subjected to being unsold
Company: M/s Raghu.R.Naik

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Used Yanmar Marine Engines and Generators for Sale

Yanmar for sale, Yanmar Specs, Yanmar Manual
Used Yanmar Marine Engine and Generator for Sale

The used Yanmar engines are sourced from ship dismantling yards around the globe. We source and supply used Yanmar marine engine and generators from ship dismantling yards in India and also some used generators are also sourced by us from Industries in India.


Used Yanmar Marine Engines

These used engines are available for boats and other marine crafts like barges, trawlers, etc. Yanmar Marine Inboard Boat Engines are available with and without complete accessories like starting system, propeller, shaft etc. The inboard used boat engines are available in range of 8 HP to 900 HP in various types / model and subjected to availability in stock. The used Yanmar Marine Engines are also made available from removing the engine part from a running generator. Due to its various advantages like fuel consumption, dimensions, light weight, Yanmar marine engines are among first choice.

Used Yanmar Marine Generators

These generators are removed from ship in their running condition and are in excellent working condition. Some generator sets are dismantled for recovering valuable spares which later are reconditioned and supplied as used reconditioned spare parts to customers on demand. Load test can be arranged for Used Yanmar Marine Diesel Generators.
After removing these used Yanmar Marine Diesel Generators from ship, required top to end servicing is done along with one hour running at yard. Before supplying third party observation certification also can be arranged or customer can nominate their own agency for observation and running hours.

Besides used Yanmar Marine Engines and Generators, unused and used reconditioned spare parts for Yanmar Marine Engines and Generators are also recovered from ship dismantling yards. These used / unused spares are mainly part of ship store room. Some spares are recovered with their original markings and sold as second hand unused spares to customers.

All parts supplied are hundred percent original and genuine parts. The spare parts for Yanmar Engines available are like crankshaft, plungers, pistons, rings, valves, camshaft, block, cylinder heads, connecting rods, etc. 

We mainly deal in following used Yanmar Marine Engines and Generators
  • Yanmar M200

  • Yanmar 5 KDL

  • Yanmar S 185

  • Yanmar S 165

  • Yanmar Z 280

  • Yanmar MAL

  • Yanmar UAL

  • Yanmar 220

  • Yanmar 260

  • Yanmar 6 KLF

  • Yanmar 6 LAAL

These are few to be listed here. Interested customers contact us for complete details of available used Yanmar Marine Engines and Used Yanmar Marine Generators along with used / unused spares parts. We also source and supply used Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines, generators and spare parts. Contact us with your complete detailed requirement and we will get back to you with availability details.

Yanmar Engine and Generator
Manufactured by: Yanmar
Product ID: Yanmar Motors
5 based on 150 reviews
$35000 Used - Negotiable 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

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We are independent regular suppliers and Exporters of Ship Machinery, Marine Diesel Engines, Marine Diesel Generators and Used Reconditioned unused Spare Parts for all types ship machinery. The Ship Machinery, Engine and generators along with spare parts supplied by us are sourced from ship at ship recycling / ship breaking yards in India and are fully tested by skilled professional engineers before supplying to our valued customers around the globe.