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Pielstick Marine Engine Spare Parts


Available used / recondition  unused spare parts for all types of Pielstick Marine Engines. We deal in following make of Pielstick Engines

  • C2-6V400
  • 6PC4-2L570
  • 12PC2-2V400
  • 14PC2V400
  • 12PV185
  • PC4V-570
  • 18PC3V-480
  • 14PC2-2V
  • 16PC2V400
  • 12PA6V280
  • PC4-2V-570
  • 10PC2-5V400
  • 18PC2-2V400
  • 18PC4-2V570
  • 12PC4-2L-570
  • 6PC2-5L400
  • 18PC2V400
  • 10PC2V400
  • 6PC2-2L-400
  • 8PC4-2L570
  • 14PC4-2V-570
  • 8PC2-2L400
  • 12 PC2V400

The spare parts for above mention types are as below

  1. Cylinder Liner
  2. Cylinder Head
  3. Connecting Rods
  4. Piston Crown
  5. Exhaust Valve Cage
  6. Main Bearing Pair
  7. Nozzle
  8. O-Ring
  9. Water Connectors
  10. Exhaust Valve Guide
  11. Joint Indicator cock
  12. Joint Ring
  13. Expansion Joint

These are some of the parts we mention above from our regular maintained inventory.
Contact us with the list of your required spare parts list.

Pielstock Engine Spare Parts
Manufactured by: Pielstick
Product ID: Marine

Pielstick engine turbocharger for Sale

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Yanmar N18 Engine Valve Guide and Valve Seat

Min.Order / FOB Price:

Yanmar N18 Exhaust Valve Guide and Seat

500 Pieces
US $ 1

Mumbai, India

Product Description

Available in stock and for sale, Valve Guide for all type Readily available in stock valve guide and seat for Yanmar N18 Type engine. Contact us for price details along with required quantities. We are in interested in taking bulk orders

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Himsen H25/33 Engine Parts

Himsen Engine Parts

In stock and for Sale

We are regular suppliers of Nozzles and Plungers for Himsen Marine Engines.

We supply Unused / used /reconditioned and aftermarket spare parts for Himsen Engine.

Currently available in stock nozzle, plunger with barrel, valve guide, valve seat for Himsen 25/33 marine engine.

We also take bulk orders for aftermarket parts.

Min.Order / FOB Price:

≥500 Pieces
US $ 1

Mumbai, India

Not exactly what you want?
Contact for Sourcing Request
Call or Whatsapp: +91-9745527006

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Daihatsu DL-22 Spare Parts For Sale

Daihatsu Marine Engine Spare Parts Supplies

We are suppliers for all type Daihatsu Marine Auxiliary Engines and Ship Main Engines. If you have any requirements for Daihatsu DL22 or have any questions regarding spare parts or complete engine, we are here to provide you with complete solution and anwers to all your queries.

Daihatsu DL22

Right now available in our stock used and unused spare parts for Daihatsu 6DL22 Marine Motor Engine. We are maintaining regular stocks for spares of Daihatsu DL22 Engine.

The available spares List for Daihatsu DL22 Marine Motor in stock are as below
  • Liner / Sleeve

  • Connecting Rods

  • Plunger

  • Bearing

  • Valve Seat

  • Cylinder Liner

  • Gasket

  • Safety Valve Spring

  • Oil Seal

  • Guide Valve Yoke

  • Claw Washer

  • Guide Nozzle Holder

  • Intake Valve Guide

  • Needle Bearing

  • Rocker Arm Bush

  • Gasket Cylinder Liner

  • Nozzle

  • Nozzle Spring

  • F.O Injector Pipe

  • Intake Gasket

  • CAP, Push Rod

  • Rotary Valve

  • Piston Pin Bush

  • Starting Valve

  • Intake Valve Seat

  • Valve Rotator

  • Cylinder Safty Valve

  • Rocker Arm Shaft

  • Rocker Arm

Many Other parts/items of Daihatsu DL22 available, other than the above mention.
If you are unable to find what you are looking for, 
do write to us with details of the required part like part number and quantity, 
we will source and supply you subject to availability.


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MAN B&W 52/55 Spare Parts Supplier

If you are looking for spare parts for MAN B&W 52/55 Marine motors, your search ends here. We are among regular suppliers of spare parts for MAN B&W 52/55 Marine Motors. The parts are sourced from ship recycling yards in India.

Exhaust Valve Cage for MAN B&W 52/55

For all you queries and requirements of parts for MAN B&W 52/55 Marine engine, do contact us. Below is the list of some spare parts currently available in stock. Condition used / reconditioned and in reusable condition.

The details as below
  • Exhaust Valve Cage

  • Pump Element / Plunger Barrel

  • Rocker Arm

  • Injection Nozzle

  • Air Starting Valve

  • Piston Ring

  • Inlet Valve

  • Inlet Valve Seat

  • Exhaust Valve

Contact us for all your requirements of used / reconditioned and OEM parts for MAN B&W 52/55 marine engines.


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MAK M453c Spare Parts

MAK M453c Marine Engine Spares

MAK Marine Engine Spare Parts for Sales
Available used / unused / recondition and OEM / replacement parts for all type of MAK Marine Engine available in stock.

Currently available in stock MAK M453C Marine Engine Spare as below

Fuel Pump Exhaust Valve Seat
Exhaust Valve Inlet Valve Seat
Piston Cylinder Liner
Cylinder Head Connecting Rod
Fuel Injector Nozzle
Starting Valve Rocker Gear Cover
Governor Drive Fuel Injection Pump
Starting Air Distributor Bucket Tappet
Roller with Bush O'Ring
Hexagon Bolt Hexagon Screw
Gauge Panel Crankcase Cover With Relief Valve
Piston Pin Arm Spring
Pressure Gauge Pump Drive

Many other spare available. We maintain regular inventory spare for MAK Marine Engines. Contact us with the complete list of your required spare parts.
Subjected to being unsold.

MAK M453c Spare Parts Supplier
Manufactured by: MAK
Model: M453c
Product ID: M453C
MAK M453c Marine Engine Spare Parts available and for Sale

In Stock and subjected to being unsold
Used /Reconditioned

MAK M453c engine pistons for sale

MAK M453c liner Marine Engine Spare Parts

Date published: 07/04/2018
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MAN B&W 6S 28LH-4 | Marine Engine Spare Parts

A cylinder head from a 1987 Honda CRX Si showi...
A cylinder head showing a single cam, rocker arms, valve springs, and other components. This is a multi-valve configuration with two intake valves and one exhaust valve for each cylinder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marine Diesel Engine Spare Parts for Sale | INDIA

Make : MAN B&W 

Type : 6S 28LH-4 


Spare Parts in Stock


Location : India

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