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Nozzle For Wartsila Engine

Unused Spare Parts for Wartsila Engines available in stock and for sale. We supply almost all major and minor spare for  all type Wartsila engines for our regular maintained inventory.

Presently available unused (new condition) box packed Nozzles for Wartsila engine for following types

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Nozzle for Wartsila Engine

Wartsila R22

Wartsila R26

Wartsila R32

Wartsila R36

Wartsila L20

Wartsila L26

Wartsila L38

Wartsila V32

Wartsila V38

Wartsila 50T

Wartsila 58T

Wartsila 60C

Wartsila 68C

Wartsila 96C

Wartsila 82C

Wartsila 624

Wartsila Vasa 24

Wartsila Vasa 32

If you didnt got your engine listed above, then do write to us with details and required quantity of nozzles or any other parts for Wartsila Vasa Engine. The parts are sourced from ship stores which got dismantled at ship recycling yard.

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Hatlapa Air Compressor for Sale

Used Recondition  

Complete Air Compressor 

In excellent working condition 

Available in stock, removed from ship and in excellent working condition air compress of Make Hatlapa L9 and Hatlapa L35 in stock.

Both the compressor are working condition and don’t require any repair or maintenance. The air compressor can be directly installed and taken into use. We supply all makes of rebuilt, recondition tested air compressors.

For other make range of air compressors available do contact us or further search this site.

Hatlapa L13, Hatlapa L18, Hatlapa 20, Hatlapa 28, Hatlapa L35, 

Hatlapa L45, Hatlapa L50, Hatlapa L80, Hatlapa L100, 

Hatlapa LHD 25, Hatlapa LHD 40, Hatlapa LHD 10 IN, 

Hatlapa LHD 25 IN, Hatlapa W110, Hatlapa W140, Hatlapa W220, 

Hatlapa W25, Hatlapa W280, Hatlapa W30, Hatlapa W330, 

Hatlapa W420, Hatlapa W45, Hatlapa W55, Hatlapa W600, 

Hatlapa W80, Hatlapa WH55, Hatlapa WH80, Hatlapa WH40 IN 

Interested buyers do contact us for more details on price and availability of HATLAPA air compressors and spare parts .

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Used Hatlapa Air Compressor

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Plunger with Barrel for Wartsila Engine

Unused Spare Parts Wartsila Marine Engine Regular supply of spare parts for all types of Wartsila engine. Available in stock, unused and box packed condition, plungers with barrel for all types of Wartsila Engine  and generator.

These parts are sourced directly from ship stores which were dismantled at ship recycling yards and were purchased in auction. All parts are genuine original OEM parts and can be used directly.

For more details on price and availability of Wartsila Engine Plungers with Barrels, contact us with details of required quantity and destination port.

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Unused Wartsila Engine Plungers with Barrels

Other unused parts for Wartsila engines are also available. We maintain almost all marine engine spare parts stock of used and unused spare parts.

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Engine Block | Caterpillar 3412

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CAT 3412 Engine Block

We supply used recondition and unused spare parts for CAT 3412 Engine and Generators. The Parts supplied by us are tested guaranteed and free from any damage. Below is the list of available parts parts for caterpillar 3412 engine / generator

Details as below

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VTR 254-11, IHI BBC Turbocharger for Sale

IHI BBC Turbocharger VTR 254-11

Used Reconditioned turbocharger available at our yards in India for sale

Used VTR 254-11 Turbocharger
Turbocharger VTR 254-11

Our yards are located in west coast India and we are regular traders of used and reconditioned marine diesel engine and spare parts.
The turbocharger of all makes/types available with us for sale.

We also supply unused turbochargers on demand and subject to availability.
IHI BBC VTR 254-11 turbocharger is fully reconditioned and ready for dispatch (subjected to unsold)

The turbocharger is in excellent working condition.

For all your requirements used reconditioned turbochargers kindly get in touch with us. IHI BBC turbochargers available in stock.

We are regular suppliers and supply marine diesel engine spare parts and complete used marine diesel engines and generators. These engine and spare parts are removed from ship recycling yards in India and are fully reconditioned before offering to our clients.

IHI BBC Turbochargers used, reconditioned and spare parts for turbochargers are also available for sale. For details of price and availability, kindly contact us.

VTR Turbocharger
Manufactured by: VTR
Model: Turbocharger
Product ID: TurboVTR254

Turbocharger VTR 254-11 for Sale

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Turbocharger | Used Reconditioned


We are trader and regular supplier of Turbochargers sourced from ship recycling yards

Turbocharger Reconditioned Used
Available in stock and for Sale

NR 15/R217
NR 20/R172
NR 20/82
NR 20/86

NA34, NA40, NA48, NA57, NA70,

We also supply spare parts and provide repair services along with third party inspection and certification services.
Contact us with details of your requirement.

Recond Turbocharger
Manufactured by: Turbocharger for Sale
Model: Turbocharger
Product ID: Turbo

Sale of used recond Turbocharger for all type marine engines

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MAN B&W 16/24 Spare Parts

MAN B&W 16/24 Engine Spares

Available in Stock
Spare Parts for MAN B&W 16/24
Condition: Used Recondition and also Unused Genuine Parts
Below we mentioned few parts from our stock



Cylinder Head

Push Rods

Connecting Rod

Cylinder Head

Governor Drive

Valve Spindles

Valve Gear


Roller Guide

Regulating Device

Level Switch

Terminal Box

Alarm Panel

Digital Speed Control

Output Module

Fuel Oil Leakage Alarm

APM Motor Control

Vibration Damper with Attachment

Valve Control Box

Flywheel with Gear Rim

Covers on Frame

Base Frame

Charging Air Cooler

Tuning Wheel

Exhaust Pipe Arrangement

C.R Bearing Sets


Plunger with Barrel

Connection Pipe

Charge Air Pipes

Pressure Reduction Valve

Turning Gear with Attachment

Air Starter

Main Stop Valve

Overspeed Stop Valve

Arrangement of Jet System

Solenoid Valve for Charge Air Temperature

Prelubricating Pump

Safety Filter

Ball Valve with Actuator

Fuel Injection Pump Connections

Fuel Oil Arrangement

Lubricating Oil Cooler

Centrifugal By-pass Filter

Starting Air Receiver

Fuel Injection Pump

Lubricating Oil Separator

Conical Element

Prelubricating Oil Arrangement

These are few parts for MAN B&W 16/24 spare parts. If you didn't find what you looking for, kindly do mail us or WhatsApp complete details of your requirement.
We also supply complete used marine engine MAN B&W make and their required spare parts.

MAN B&W 16/24 Motor Parts
Manufactured by: MAN B&W
Model: 16-24
Product ID: MAN

MAN B&W 16/24 for Sale

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Furuno FS 1575 for Sale | Used / Unused

Furuno FS 1575 for Sale

Furuno ommunication System
Manufactured by: Furuno
Model: FS 1575
Product ID: GMDSS

Furuno FS 1575

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Furuno / JRC | Ship Navigation and Commication Equipments

Navigation Equipment for Ship

Communication Systems and Radars for Ship

We supply used and unused ship communication systems and Radars. Some of the available systems are listed as below

FURUNO FS 1575 (MFD-2015)

FURUNO FM 8900S (MFD-2015)




SAILOR MF/HF 6000 (MFD-2016)


SAILOR VHF 6222 (MFD-2015)



The available Marine Electric Systems are complete and are in excellent working condition.
Contact us for any requirement of Ship Communication Systema and Ship Radars.

marine ship bridge equipmmets for sale

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MAK 6M20 | MAK 8M20 | MAK 9M20 | Spare Parts Motor Usado

MAK Engine Spare Parts Supplier

MAK Marine Engine Spare Parts Supplier
We are regular suppliers for used / unused and recondition spare parts for MAK main engine and auxiliary engines. Currently available in stock used and reconditioned spare parts for MAK 6M20 Marine Motor. Below mention is a list of some spare parts from our present inventory

Engine: MAK 6M20
Spare Parts available



Lube Oil Pump

Engine Block

Connecting Rods


Piston Rings

Cylinder Heads

Fuel Injection Pump

Cylinder Cover


Water Pump

Pump element

Valve Seat

C.R Bush

Valve Guide

Cylinder Liner

Fuel Fuel

And Many more parts are regularly maintained in our stock.
Kindly contact us with details of required major spare parts for MAK M20 Motor

MAK Motor Spare Parts seller
Manufactured by: MAK Engine
Model: M20
Product ID: M20

MAK M20 navis usado motori spare parts

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All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and all listed is the product of sole manufacturers.For more details kindly read our Disclaimer Policy.

We are independent regular suppliers and Exporters of Ship Machinery, Marine Diesel Engines, Marine Diesel Generators and Used Reconditioned unused Spare Parts for all types ship machinery. The Ship Machinery, Engine and generators along with spare parts supplied by us are sourced from ship at ship recycling / ship breaking yards in India and are fully tested by skilled professional engineers before supplying to our valued customers around the globe.