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MAK Complete Marine Engine & Generator

We source and supply used marine engines / generators / ship machinery / spare parts.

MAK Marine Motor

Complete details of MAK 551AK as below
  • PS : 3500
  • Condition : Used and in working condition
  • Sourced from Ship recylcing yard and is a running take out
Available in stock MAK 552AK complete generator
For more details, do contact us.

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MAN B&W 16/24 Spare Parts

MAN B&W 16/24 Engine Spares

Available in Stock
Spare Parts for MAN B&W 16/24
Condition: Used Recondition and also Unused Genuine Parts
Below we mentioned few parts from our stock



Cylinder Head

Push Rods

Connecting Rod

Cylinder Head

Governor Drive

Valve Spindles

Valve Gear


Roller Guide

Regulating Device

Level Switch

Terminal Box

Alarm Panel

Digital Speed Control

Output Module

Fuel Oil Leakage Alarm

APM Motor Control

Vibration Damper with Attachment

Valve Control Box

Flywheel with Gear Rim

Covers on Frame

Base Frame

Charging Air Cooler

Tuning Wheel

Exhaust Pipe Arrangement

C.R Bearing Sets


Plunger with Barrel

Connection Pipe

Charge Air Pipes

Pressure Reduction Valve

Turning Gear with Attachment

Air Starter

Main Stop Valve

Overspeed Stop Valve

Arrangement of Jet System

Solenoid Valve for Charge Air Temperature

Prelubricating Pump

Safety Filter

Ball Valve with Actuator

Fuel Injection Pump Connections

Fuel Oil Arrangement

Lubricating Oil Cooler

Centrifugal By-pass Filter

Starting Air Receiver

Fuel Injection Pump

Lubricating Oil Separator

Conical Element

Prelubricating Oil Arrangement

These are few parts for MAN B&W 16/24 spare parts. If you didn't find what you looking for, kindly do mail us or WhatsApp complete details of your requirement.
We also supply complete used marine engine MAN B&W make and their required spare parts.

MAN B&W 16/24 Motor Parts
Manufactured by: MAN B&W
Model: 16-24
Product ID: MAN

MAN B&W 16/24 for Sale

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Sulzer RTA38 | Nozzle | Spares

Sulzer RTA38 Nozzles

Sulzer Marine (ship) Engine Nozzles available in stock

Type: RTA38

Condition: Unused (never used)

We source and supply used / unused and recondition spare parts for all type Sulzer marine engines, generator, main engine spare parts along with complete Sulzer engines also. All spares and engines supplied by us are sourced from ship recycling yards.

We maintain regular spare parts for Sulzer and other marine engines.
Contact us for more details

Sulzer RTA 38 marine Motori Nozzle
Manufactured by: Nozzles
Model: Moteur
Product ID: Sulzer

Sulzer Engine Spare Parts Supplier

Nozzles for Sulzer marine moteur motori

Sulzer Marine Engine Spare Parts

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EMD Engine Spare Parts (Electro Motive Diesel Engine) Locomotive

EMD Engine Spare Parts

We are regular suppliers of spare parts for all type marine and locomotive engines. We are the regular supplier of spare parts for EMD ( Electro-Motive Diesel Engine ). Some of the parts we regular supply are listed as below

Spare Parts for
  • Housing
  • Gasket
  • Housing
  • Nut
  • Washer
  • Sealing Compound
  • Bushing
  • Seal Retainer
  • Key Woodruff
  • Slinger Water
  • Spring
  • Plug
  • Pipe
  • Shaft Drive
  • Gear Pump Drive
  • Sleeve
  • Gear & bushing
  • Gasket manifold
  • Hexagon Bolts
  • Pinion
  • Shim
  • Gasket Coupling
  • Gasket Elbow
  • Gasket Chamber
Almost all type gasket, seal, bolts, nuts etc for EMD engine. In case you haven't found what you looking for, do write to us or WhatsApp us the required part with part number, we will supply you with the exact match.

Interested customer, send us all your requirement with the part number. All parts supplied by us are fully tested and guaranteed parts.

EMD Engine Spare Parts Supplier
Manufactured by: EMD
Model: EMD
Product ID: EMD

EMD Locomotive Engine
Supplier for all Type EMD locomotive Engine
Written by: Naik
EMD used and recondition spare parts for sale
Date published: 12/11/2017
4.9 / 5 stars

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4L20 Wartsila Shaft Balance for Sale

Marine Engine Spares for Sale

Wartsila 4L20 Shaft Balance

Wartsila Motor balancing shafts available in stock and for sale. Right now in stock available is for Wartsila 4L20 , fully reconditioned and can be directly installed to engine.

Used Reconditioned Wartsila Engine Spare Parts

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Sulzer 6AL20/24 Spares

Sulzer 6AL20/24

Sulzer 6AL 20/24
marine complete auxiliary engine, marine generator and spare parts for engine are available. We supply used recondition spare parts and also unused and remake parts for Sulzer 6 AL 20/24 engine. We supply complete engine and generator which are sourced from ship recycling yards. 

The spare parts are also sourced from ship recycling yards. The remake parts for Sulzer 6AL20/24 engine are supplied from Korean or Indian manufacturers.
Interested buyers do contact us with details for their requirement like complete Sulzer 6AL 20/24 complete engine, generator and spare parts.The available items are subjected to availability.

Available in stock complete Sulzer 6AL 20/24 marine generator along with used recondition spare parts and also available regular supply for all major spare parts for Sulzer 6AL20/24 engine.

For Sale
In Stock Available
>Used / Second Hand / Recondition

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Ship Spare Parts Supplier

Ship Spare Parts Supplier,
Ship Spares

Ship Spare Suppliers dealing in all type Navigation, Engine Room and Deck machinery items.

Supplier of all type Ship Spares like Navigation Equipments, Deck Equipments and Engine Room parts, auxiliary engines. We source and supply all type used recondition and remake parts for almost all make (brand) engines and equipments on board ship. Currently we deal in Marine Generators, main engine and spares, navigation / bridge equipments. Ship deck equipments including rescue boats, marine cranes and fire fighting equipments. 

We also supply ship engine remake parts on demand from buyers.The remake parts are manufactured in India.

The Ship Spare supplied by us are Used Reconditioned ship machinery parts and are tested by professional marine engineers.  Unused(new) parts recovered from ship store at ship breaking yards are also supplied by us, subjected to availability.

All used / unused and reconditioned parts are genuine OEM parts and of standard size
. Required test certificates can be submitted for dimension and other pressure tests on demand along with the supplied spare part.
We deal in following Ship Spares and Ship Equipments

Spares for Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine (also complete Engine)

    We certify all parts by third-party certifying agency nominated and approved by shipping class at extra cost on demand. Contact us with details of your requirement of spares for main engine and other types of equipment of ship.

    For Sale
    In Stock
    Used / Recondition

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    453 AK MAK Bed Plate Engine Block Crankshaft for sale

    bed plate, engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft, 6M453AK, used, new, recondition, supplier, exporter, stockist, available, sale
    MAK 453 AK  Used Recondition Spare Parts

    We source and supply used recondition MAK motor engine spare parts and complete engine as well as complete marine generators and main engines.

    Presently available in stock spare parts for MAK 453AK motor engine.

    Details as below

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    We are exporters / Suppliers of used / unused/ reconditioned spare parts for MAK Engines. We supply spare parts for all types of MAK main engine, auxiliary engine and MAK Generator.

    Details of some of the readily available spare parts in stock as mention below

    Main Bearing


    Thrust Bearing


    Piston Rings

    Cylinder Head

    Connecting Rods

    Cylinder Liner

    Exhaust Valve Spindle

    Lube Oil Pump

    Fuel Pump

    Piston Crown

    Pump Element

    Small End Bush

    Cooling Water Pump

    MAK, Engine, Ship Machine, used, recondition, 453, pump, valve, exhaust, piston, block, cylinder, rods, shaft, oil, inlet, 452, 551, M20, 281, 331, 332, 552
    MAK Engine Parts

    MAK Engine Spare Parts
    Manufactured by: MAK
    Model: 453
    Product ID: MAK Engine
    5 based on 66 reviews

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    Marine Engine Spare Parts Supplier

    Sales are prior to sales.

    We source these marine engine spare parts from ship recycling yards in India. The unused parts for ship main engine and auxiliary engines are sourced from the engine room stores of those ships which are dismantled at these Ship breaking yards in India.

    marine engine parts, shipspare, spare parts for ship main engine, parts for auxiliary engine, major ship engine
    Used Marine Engine Spare Parts Suppliers

    Used engine parts for ship are recovered from dismantling of engines and equipments. After recovering the parts, these parts are sent for cleaning and if required sand blasting is also done. Before supplying MPI and pressure test are done to confirm that there are no cracks or any undersize issues / problems exists.

    We deal almost all major makes and types of ship main engines and auxiliary engines.

    MAN B&W 2-stroke
    MAN B&W 4-stroke
    MAN 4str Nutzfahrzeuge
    Wartsila-Sulzer 2-stroke
    Wartsila-Sulzer 4-stroke
    Mitsubishi 2-stroke
    Mitsubishi 4-stroke
    Caterpillar MAK
    CHN 25/34 En ЧН25/34 Rus
    Cummins Daihatsu
    Detroit & MTU Scania
    Deutz Hanshin
    Hyundai Himsen Niigata
    Mirrlees Blackstone Paxman
    Perkins Ruston
    S.E.M.T. Pielstick SKL
    Rolls & Bergen Stork
    Volvo-Penta Yanmar
    Other Diesel Engines

    Marine Engine Parts
    Manufactured by: Ship Main Engine Auxiliary Engine
    Model: Spare Parts
    Product ID: Ship Spare Parts
    5 based on 28 reviews
    $550000.00 Used 
    In stock and subjected to being unsold

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    Bergen KRG 6 Cylinder Heads

    Business, supplier, ship spare, engine spare parts, reusable
    Bergen Motor Cylinder Head
    stockist, seller of bergen engine parts, marine engine parts, reconditioned
    Bergen Motor Reconditioned Spare

    Used Reconditioned Reusable
    Available in stock and for sale
    Subjected to being unsold

    • In stock
    • Make : Bergen
    • Type : KRG 6
    • Spare Parts : Cylinder Head

    Condition : Fully Reconditioned / Reusable OEM guaranteed part

    Inspection and test permission allowed on demand.
    Interested buyers kindly do contact us for more details

    Cylinder Heads for Bergen KRG6

    Bergen KRG6 spare parts available in stock Used and fully reconditioned.

    Bergen Engine Spare Parts
    Manufactured by: Bergen
    Model: Bergen KRG6
    Product ID: Cyinder Head
    5 based on 20 reviews
    $ 81200.00 Negotiable - Used Reconditioned 
    In stock and subjected to being unsold

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    Cylinder Heads Sulzer ZA40S

    Cylinder Head, sulzer ZA40S, used, reconditioned, engine, spare parts, ship spares
    Sulzer ZA40S Used Parts

    In excellent reusable condition
    The cylinder head is removed from Original Sulzer Engine at ship dismantling yard.
    Details as below
    1. Make : Sulzer
    2. Type : ZA40S

    Ready to dispatch, in stock and subjected to being unsold.

    Interested customers do contact us for more details.

    Manufactured by: Sulzer
    Model: Sulzer_ZA40S
    Product ID: SulzerZA40S_Cylinder_Heads
    5 based on 34 reviews
    $20.00.00 Used 
    In stock and subjected to being unsold

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    Used Marine Engines, Propulsion Engines, Auxiliary Engines | Ship Spares

    Ship Spare Parts Supplier
    Rated: 5 / 5 based on 119 customer reviews

    In stock

    Used Spare Parts and Ship Spares sourced from Ship Recycling Yards
    Ship Spares

    Ship Spares Used Unused Reconditioned certified quality spare parts for marine engines motors
    Used Spare Parts

    Product description: We are dealing in regular supply of used and used major ship spare parts for all types marine diesel engine, marine and industrial generators, turbochargers, Main Engines etc. We source and supply shipspare parts directly from ship recycling yards / dismantling yards in India. The spare parts for these marine engines are either recovered from dismantling of running engine and unused spare parts are recovered from ship stores / engine room stores. Besides marine engines and spare parts, we also source and supply used power plants, anchor chains, containerized generators, Deck Equipments, Life boats & rafts, Navigation Equipments, ship communication equipments, cranes, hydraulic pumps, turbines etc. Complete marine engine, propulsion engines and generators are also available along with availability of spare parts for these engines and generators like, crankshaft, plungers, camshaft, Liners, Piston, Cylinder Blocks, Cyl Heads, bearing, connecting rods, fuel pumps, Nozzles, injectors and other ship spares. 
     Other shipspares also includes Oil Purifiers, governors, hydraulic motors, compressors etc. The complete units are supplied after fully reconditioning the unit. Trails are available to valued clients before dispatch. The timely delivery of the shipspares is only possible with combination of international quick transport by sea or air along with proper documentation. Our well experience staff and team of engineers keep in mind the earliest possible delivery of correct matching shipspare in demand at particular port by the ship. Special arrangement can be made to deliver the spares after landing at port / air port and forwarding to required ship. 
    Most of the shipspares supplied by us are used and reconditioned. Unused spare parts, which are not used, and were the part to stock on board ship, which was or is going to be dismantled, is also supplied by us with or without the original packs. The shipspares supplied by us are hundred percent genuinbe and reliable, tested by our skilled team of engineers, before dispatching to valued clients. 
    We also accept bulk orders and special discounts available on bulk purchase orders of marine engines and shipspares. We provide complete logistic support and supply of bulk marine engine and shipspares to any safe world destination through sea or air. Shipspares and marine engine supplied by us are rust free, clean and are properly packed for dispatch. 

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    All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and all listed is the product of sole manufacturers.For more details kindly read our Disclaimer Policy.

    We are independent regular suppliers and Exporters of Ship Machinery, Marine Diesel Engines, Marine Diesel Generators and Used Reconditioned unused Spare Parts for all types ship machinery. The Ship Machinery, Engine and generators along with spare parts supplied by us are sourced from ship at ship recycling / ship breaking yards in India and are fully tested by skilled professional engineers before supplying to our valued customers around the globe.