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Yanmar 6 KFL Engine Parts

YANMAR 6KFL Spare Parts Avialabel for Sale

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Yanmar 6KFL

The spare are genuine and sourced from ship stores at ship recycling yards in India.

The Yanmar 6KFL Engine is checked by professional marine engineers, tested and gauranteedand can be directly installed.
All major good condition spare parts available and and in excellent working condition   we maintain regular stocks for yanmar marine engine spare parts.
Yanmar other models / type marne auxiliary engine spare parts are also available in stock and for sale.

List of some spares mentioned below
  • Make : Yanmar
  • Type / Model : 6KFL
  • Condition : Unused and Usedt
  • Injector
  • Thrust Bearing
  • Fuel Element / Plungers
  • Piston Rings
  • Fuel Pipe
  • Valve Rotor

Send us your requirement details and we will revert with the best solution.
Subjected to being availability in stock.

Manufactured by: Yanmar Model: 6KFL Product ID: Yanmar_Genset


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May 25, 2021

YANMAR KFL Marine Engine and Spare Parts
Date published: 25/5/2021

4.2105° N
101.9758° E

Yanmar 6KFL mraine Moteur for Sale

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Yanmar N18 Engine Valve Guide and Valve Seat

Min.Order / FOB Price:

Yanmar N18 Exhaust Valve Guide and Seat

500 Pieces
US $ 1

Mumbai, India

Product Description

Available in stock and for sale, Valve Guide for all type Readily available in stock valve guide and seat for Yanmar N18 Type engine. Contact us for price details along with required quantities. We are in interested in taking bulk orders

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Yanmar M200 L-UT Spare Parts for sale

Yanmar Engine Spare Parts

Yanmar Spare Parts for Sale
Yanmar M200 Parts
Spare Parts for Yanmar M200
Yanmar Engine Spare Parts

Unused and in excellent box packed condition.

Details of the spare parts as below

RING-0IL (YANMAR-P.N0-139653-22220)-8PCS
RING.PIST0N(N0.3 (YANMAR-P.N0-141647-22130)-9PCS
RING.PIST0N(N0.1 (YANMAR-P.N0-141647-22200)-9PCS
RING.PIST0N(N0.2 (YANMAR-P.N0-141647-22122)-9PCS
THERM0METER-0-500C(YKS-800 500C L-110 )-6PCS
THERM0METER (0-500C YKS-807 L-120M/M M24-2 )-4PCS
THERM0METER (YKS-400 0-100C PF-1/2 L-38M/M)-6PCS
C0VER (YANMAR-P.N0-152623-32071-B0XPACK)-2PCS
CHECK.VALVE (YANMAR-P.N0-741616-72013-A)-1PCS
BUSH-PIST0N.PIN (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-23100)-4PCS
TACH0METER.CABLE L-1200(P.N0-28711-001200)-2PCS
DELIVERY.VALVE (P.N0-141616-51880-K0REA)-9PCS
IDLE.GEAR(A) (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-14590-49-teeth)-1PCS
PACKING.F0R.CYCLINDER.LINER-(1.0MM) (P.N0-141616-01320)-20PCS
SHAFT-R0CKER.ARM (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-11250)-6PCS
SPACER (YANMAR-P.N0-139654-53230)-6PCS
SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-52670)-6PCS
SEAL-TC355511 (YANMAR-P.N0-24411-355511)-9PCS
SPRING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-15070)-1PCS
B0LT M8-1.5 (YANMAR-P.N0-14023-23280)-12PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-51220)-4PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-11060)-1PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24316-000320)-2PCS
RETAINER (YANMAR-P.N0-139654-53340)-11PCS
WASHER 27 (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-53361)-13PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-137800-33380)-8PCS
0IL.SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-24411-122207)-1PCS
0.RING (P.N0-141616-11050)-15PCS
NUT (YANMAR-P.N0-139684-53170)-1PCS
CIRCLIP 62 (YANMAR-P.N0-22252-000620)-2PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24356-010130)-12PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-59531)-1PCS
PARALLEL.PIN 3.6-8 (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-53200)-8PCS
SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-139654-52630)-2PCS
L0CKER.RING.F0R.VALVE (P.N0-150623-11340)-24PCS
PARALLEL.PIN 6-14 (YANMAR-P.N0-22312-060140)-7PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000100)-16PCS
UNI0N.NUT M12(YANMAR-P.N0-26356-120002)-6PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-141646-11070)-8PCS
SCREW-ADJUST (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-53440)-3PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-139654-18740)-7PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000240)-6PCS
CIRCLIP (YANMAR-P.N0-22212-000200)-14PCS
CIRCLIP 95 (YANMAR-P.N0-22252-000950)-4PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-139653-01301)-1PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-53900)-12PCS
C0PPER.PACKING 8 (YANMAR-P.N0-23414-080000)-10PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-137603-52241)-6PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24321-000550)-1PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-137603-52561)-1PCS
B0LT-DELIVERY (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-51370)-3PCS
J0INT B0LT (P.N0-23857-120000)-1PCS
PACKING (141616-59510)-6PCS
BUSH (P.N0-152623-32130)-2PCS
SEAL.WASHER (YANMAR-P.N0-153672-59950)-3PCS
UNI0N 12(YANMAR-P.N0-103205-59160)-15PCS
PIPE-C.WATER (YANMAR-P.N0-139653-01781)-10PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000140)-35PCS
TAPPET (YANMAR-P.N0-150623-54113)-1PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000050)-24PCS
0.RING.F0R.AIR.PIST0N (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000400)-6PCS
FLANGE (YANMAR-P.N0-17800-33371)-2PCS
SPRING-VALVE (YANMAR-P.N0-146613-71130)-12PCS
B0LT M16-50 (YANMAR-P.N0-26156-160502)-5PCS
0.RING.F0R.F.0.PIPING (YANMAR-P.N0-24326-000450)-12PCS
FEATHER.KEY (P.N0-22512-070320)-4PCS
UNI0N (YANMAR-P.N0-147648-59630)-6PCS
PARALLEL.PIN M16-45 (YANMAR-P.N0-22312-160450)-3PCS
0.RING.F0R.F.0.FEED.PUMP (YANMAR-P.N0-24326-000650)-10PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-132654-11732)-12PCS
WASHER (YANMAR-P.N0-132310-14640)-2PCS
BUSH (YANMAR-P.N0-152623-32140)-2PCS
DRIVING-GEAR (P.N0-146644-42400)-1PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24321-000550)-20PCS
B0LT (YANMAR-P.N0-26450-090102)-6PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-23428-360000)-2PCS
NUT.F0R.IMPELLER.FIX (P.N0-26733-160002-XR)-2PCS
STUD.B0LT M16-114 (YANMAR-P.N0-139653-11801)-4PCS
B0LT-BALL.J0INT (YANMAR-P.N0-43510-000750)-1PCS
BUSH (YANMAR-P.N0-152623-32140)-4PCS
0.RING (P.N0-141616-01300)-12PCS
0.RING (P.N0-141616-01310)-8PCS
GASKET (YAMAR-P.N0-137603-18381)-5PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-135210-11711)-12PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24321-001800)-11PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-147673-13250)-7PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-132654-11732)-24PCS
RUBBER (YANMAR-P.N0-137600-91290)-2PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24321-000400)-12PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-11061)-8PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-15100)-8PCS
VALVE.SEAT (YANMAR-P.N0-137676-11082)-8PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-137603-18381)-2PCS
RUBBER.H0SE (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-18240)-2PCS
RETAINER (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-59591)-6PCS
CLAMP-60 (YANMAR-P.N0-23000-060000)-4PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-136600-42040)-2PCS
PLATE (YANMAR-P.N0-190010-71021)-4PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-142613-03541)-2PCS
VALVE-SEAT (P.N0-137676-11082)-5PCS
B0DY.C0VER (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-71050)-4PCS
GASKET (P.N0-147673-13250)-11PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000200)-189PCS
N0ZZLE-SPRING (P.N0-139684-53120)-10PCS
BUSH (YANMAR-P.N0-152623-32140)-9PCS
PIST0N (YANMAR-P.N0-140623-71150)-11PCS
PIST0N.GUIDE-CHANGE.0VER (P.N0-141616-72051)-2PCS
RETAINER (YANMAR-P.N0-139653-11390)-4PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24326-000300)-12PCS
SEAT (YANMAR-P.N0-139654-53210)-1PCS
RING (YANMAR-P.N0-22252-000800)-3PCS
GASKET-T/C.0UTLET (P.N0-137602-18611)-3PCS
SPRING (YANMAR-P.N0-180110-72030)-2PCS
C0PPER.PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-23414-280000)-6PCS
C0LLAR (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-42261)-2PCS
SPACER-0IL.SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-141646-52700)-2PCS
B0LT M10-150 (YANMAR-P.N0-26206-101502)-4PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-180110-72070)-6PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000280)-8PCS
CLAMP-H0SE (YANMAR-P.N0-23000-216000)-5PCS
SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-137610-42492)-2PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-43400-003950)-3PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-51221)-16PCS
BUSH-R0CKER.ARM (YANMAR-P.N0-146613-11220)-11PCS
L0CK.PLATE (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-23270)-25PCS
C0VER-BUSH (YANMAR-P.N0-139653-14260)-3PCS
BALL.V/R0TAT0R (YANMAR-P.N0-27326-140560)-20PCS
SPRING-VALVE (YANMAR-P.N0-146613-71130)-4PCS
WASHER (YANMAR-P.N0-132310-14660)-2PCS
SPRING-V.R0TAT0R (YANMAR-P.N0-27325-140560)-68PCS
WASHER (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-59600)-20PCS
PIST0N (YANMAR-P.N0-140623-71150)-4PCS
OIL.SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-24421-355511)-7PCS
O.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-190301-42200)-4PCS
CHANGE.0VER.VALVE (ANMAR-P.N0-141616-72060)-2PCS
L0CK.WASHER (YANMAR-P.N0-140623-83910)-4PCS
CIRCLIP-V/V.R0TAT0R (YANMAR-P.N0-27324-140560)-12PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-137600-55910)-2PCS
RETAINER (YANMAR-P.N0-139653-11390)-4PCS
CIRCLIP (YANMAR-P.N0-2252-000820)-2PCS
NUT (YANMAR-P.N0-26736-240002)-2PCS
L0CK.WASHER (P.N0-141616-42270)-4PCS
SCREW (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-54270)-5PCS
0IL.SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-141646-52660)-4PCS
SPRING (YANMAR-P.N0-190110-71043)-3PCS
BUSH (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-72450)-2PCS
SPRING (YANMAR-P.N0-137600-51540)-4PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-141646-59531)-7PCS
WASHER (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-23290)-33PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-124450-35110)-10PCS
0IL.SEAL SC122207 (YANMAR-P.N0-24411-122207)-8PCS
SHAFT (YANMR-P.N0-138613-51530)-2PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-23414-060000)-30PCS
FUEL.C0NTR0L.RACK (YANMAR-P.N0-151623-51500)-4PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-51221)-62PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-23414-180000)-10PCS
0IL.SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-24411-122207)-5PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-23414-080000)-24PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24321-000700)-14PCS
SEAL.WASHER (YANMAR-P.N0-22190-060006)-10PCS
FLANG (YANMAR-P.N0-137800-33371)-1PCS
PACKING (P.N0-23415-120000)-1PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-190301-42200)-2PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24316-000390)-24PCSBUSH (P.N0-139653-14252)-6PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-51910)-12PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24316-000390)-52PCS
PACKING (P.N0-23415-180000)-12PCS
SPACER-0IL.SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-141646-52710)-2PCS
B0LT (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-51660)-15PCS
B0LT M8-15 (YANMAR-P.N0-140623-23280)-45PCS
SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-137610-42492)-1PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000140)-14PCS
GASKET 6 R0UND (YANMAR-P.N0-23414-060000)-18PCS
LABEL (YANMAR-P.N0-42221-007900)-2PCS
SCREW (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-53440)-1PCS
RETAINER.LEVER (139653-66810)-1PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24316-000320)-4PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24316-350220)-2PCS
GASKET-8 (YANMAR-P.N0-23414-080000)-3PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-124450-35110)-2PCS
GASKET (YANMAR-P.N0-135210-11711)-9PCS
L0CK.B0LT (P.N0-140623-23280)-12PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-11930)-1PCS
SPRING-VALVE (YANMAR-P.N0-190201-11240)-7PCS20:0
PACKING 28 (YANMAR-P.N0-23414-280000)-4PCS
BACK UP.RING (P.N0-24372-000390)-4PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-190301-42200)-1PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-137603-52561)-4PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-52240)-2PCS
0IL.SEAL (YANMAR-P.N0-24411-122207)-2PCS
SHAFT (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-51530)-1PCS
0.RING (YANMAR-P.N0-24311-000200)-10PCS
SPRING (YANMAR-P.N0-137600-51540)-2PCS
WASHER (YANMAR-P.N0-138613-23290)-2PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-146613-71090)-2PCS
PACKING (YANMAR-P.N0-137600-52490)-1PCS
SPRING (YANMAR-P.N0-141616-51101)-2PCS

Manufactured by: Yanmar
Model: M200
Product ID: M200Yanmar
5 based on 26 reviews
$550.000 Used 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

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Yanmar Diesel Generators

Yanmar Logo
Yanmar Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yanmar Diesel Generators Available

Make : Yanmar

We supply Yanmar Make used marine generators and marine auxiliary #engines removed from ship. All marine gensets and marine auxiliary motors are in excellent working condition and are tested by skilled professional marine engineers.

Also available Yanmar Marine Diesel Engine parts for all makes and built. We have in stock head, con rod, plungers, valves, piston, rings, bearings, gasket, etc

Available prime new / unused as well as used reconditioned marine engine parts of Yanmar marine diesel generators as well as boat engines.

Call us now at : +91-9745527006 [on whatsapp available]

Also visit : Yanmar motor and genset in stock 

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Yanmar Lube Oil Pump | Priming Pump | Used Reconditioned Engine Part

Available in Stock

Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines Lube Oil Pump

Yanmar Engine Lube Oil Priming Pump for Sale
Priming Pump for Lube Oil
Condition : Used Reconditioned
In excellent working condition

The pump is suitable all Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines especially Yanmar 6 HAL. The pump was removed for Yanmar Engine which was recovered from ship during dismantling / breaking at ship breaking yard.
We have entire stock of engine parts for Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines. If you have any requirement, kindly do contact us with your requirement details

Visit video Clips of the Yanmar Lube Oil Pump below

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Yanmar T260-ST Engine Cylinder Head Reconditioned

Used Reconditioned

Available in stock and for Sale

Subjected to being unsold.

yanmar engine spares, Shipspares, Cylinder Head, Engine, motor, Block, Plungers, major parts, India, Shiprecycle, Ship breaking yard
Used Reconditioned Yanmar T260-ST Cylinder Head for Sale

Currently Cylinder Heads for Yanmar T260-ST available in stock. We are regular suppliers of used reconditioned spare parts for Yanmar T260-ST engine.

The spare parts supplied for Yanmar engines are fully tested by professional engineers. The parts are free from any crack, welding or damage. Required testing like pressure test, MPI etc can be done on demand and at cost of buyer.

For more details on price and availability, do contact us.

Manufactured by: Yanmar
Model: T260-ST Spare Parts
Product ID: Cylinder Heads
5 based on 33 reviews
$8000 Used 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

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Yanmar RAL Spare Parts | Liners

Yanmar Motor spares, Yanmar RAL, Yanmar Engine, Yanmar generator, spare parts, seller, dealer, stockist, Alang, old parts, reconditioned, sale, Recycling
Yanmar RAL Spares

reusable, used, second hand, India, ship, Yanmar, Generator, marine, DG, genset, supplier
Yanmar Motor Liners

Yanmar RAL Engine Liners available in stock and are for sale

Condition : Unused and in excellent condition
The Yanmar Liner was recovered from ship store which came for dismantling at ship recycling yard located in India. Presently 3 pieces are available in stock and subjected to unsold. Interested customers do contact us for price and if any other details required. Pictures of the actual Yanmar Liner is made available below.

We also supply used and unused parts for all models of Yanmar Marine diesel Engines. These spare parts are sourced directly from ship recycling yards in India. For any requirement of Yanmar Marine Diesel Engine Spare Parts, do get in touch with us.

Yanmar RAL Spare Parts
Manufactured by: Yanmar
Model: Yanmar Motor
Product ID: RAL Engine
5 based on 145 reviews
$1.00 Contact us for Price / Item is Used Unused 
In stock and subjected to being unsold

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Yanmar 6 KDL | Used Reconditioned Cylinder Heads

used yanmar motr for sale
Yanmar Cylinder Head Reconditioned
used spare parts, Ship spares, reconditioned
Yanmar 6KDL Used Parts

  • Make : Yanmar 6KDL
  • Part : Cylinder Head
  • Condition : Used and Reconditioned
  • Guaranteed reconditioned part for Yanmar Engines

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Yanmar 6 HAL- HT | Marine Diesel Engine Parts for Sale




Yanmar Marine Generators Spare Parts for Sale

Condition : Used Reconditioned
Make : Yanmar 6 HAL - HT

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All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and all listed is the product of sole manufacturers.For more details kindly read our Disclaimer Policy.

We are independent regular suppliers and Exporters of Ship Machinery, Marine Diesel Engines, Marine Diesel Generators and Used Reconditioned unused Spare Parts for all types ship machinery. The Ship Machinery, Engine and generators along with spare parts supplied by us are sourced from ship at ship recycling / ship breaking yards in India and are fully tested by skilled professional engineers before supplying to our valued customers around the globe.