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Turbocharger Overhauling / Repair Services

Marine Turbocharger Repair and Overhauling

Your worldwide service partner for turbocharger overhaul and repair to the marine industry.
Our established dedicated facilities with strategic alliances in India, we deliver on time, within budget, across five continents.
If you have a turbocharger breakdown contact us for immediate assistance. We are here to help resolve your turbocharger problem. There is no obligation at any time.
If you are experiencing technical problems with your marine turbocharger and need advice please contact us to resolve the problem.

All parts used are quality certified. This guarantees they meet the same standards that are used in original equipment marine engines.

Delivered To Your Door

With the largest marine engine inventory, we can ship most marine engines / marine generators/turbochargers and engine spares the same day you order.


We deal with all type marine (ship engine) turbochargers like Mitsubishi, Met 66SD,66SC,53SD,53SC,45S,42SC,33SC,33SD (02 pcs),30SR, 26SR,TD-13L-41034,TD-13M-53V563,TD-14,TD-15.Napier –Met 33 sb(ii), Nigata Napier & Napier-T/C.List, Type:-NA-455,Napier-295,M.S.100,C-045 A085B/7624,NHP-30AH,NHP-25AH,NHP-180C-K,NA-450AL, TPL,TPS,PBS, TPL-85 B11,80 B12, TPS-57E01,52D01,48D01,57D01,44F-32,TPS turbo Type-TCR 16/742713C(2013)- PTR-150 3154-3CO-5.8, ABB-Turbo System, VTR-564A-32,454E32,354-11,454-32,454-11 ,251-1,304-11,304P-11,A140-H65.VTR-564D-32, IHI-BBC-VTR T/C, VTR-564A-32,564-32,564-32,454A-32,354-11,354A-32,251-2P,214-11,254A-11,201-2N,401-2P,250H,250M,161-2,160-TZ-304_02.2022).254-11,251-2N,201-2P, IHI-BBC-RH/RU CompL, RH-183,RH-163,RH-143,RH-133,RH-1022,RH-1524,RU-110-1A.RU-120A.-1.IHI- Turbo-P/N. 4035NFBRICZ, MAN-B&W-CompL, NA-57 T07452,NA 48 T08128T,NA-48S01043 T, NA-34,NA-29/S044,NR-26/R119, NR-26/257, NR-24/R, NR-24/R 102, TCU-NR-20/403, Enpacco-NR-20/S040, NR-20/440, NR-20/286,20/R-196, 20/R-172, 20/R-170, 20/R-169, 20/R-156, NR-20/R-149,20/R-136,20/R-88, 20/R-86, NR-15/R-222,15/R-184.NR-15/R-196, NR-15/R-151, NR-15/R-135, NR-2P-BZ016.NR 12/S, Man B&W-Type:- 88-25042, HOLSET-KBB-R3-2,H2D,4MF-4870 NDAZ27,KKK-Model-k54-7172 mxaka,kejin-Model-GT4288,MTU-TYPE:-2R175/089.Power-Model:-H-145/03pL, ABB-RR-181-14, new (01) pc153-12,151-14,151-12, Caterpillar/N. 256-4514,SL.No-496101(used), CSSC TYPE TZ 304(2022.02) ABB-A-140, TCR-16/42713 C (2013) Berg warner -Mod-3410-085, PBS turbo type-TCR-16/41708,Caterpillar-P/N. 256-4514,MTU-Turbodal,Exhaust Gas turbocharger TYPE:- RH133 (new), Cat Complete T/C. P/N.20R-7915'(new) Cat turbo P/N-20R-7915,(new) Holset CompL. Turbo TYPE:- 4LGK 4776.0T3, (new) GENERAL ELECTRIC TURBOCHARGER Model No- 780912A7, (new).IHI-RU-120A, MTU-Turbo Dal, Borgwarner-model-S410085
All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and all listed is the product of sole manufacturers.For more details kindly read our Disclaimer Policy.
We are independent regular suppliers and Exporters of Ship Machinery, Marine Diesel Engines, Marine Diesel Generators and Used Reconditioned unused Spare Parts for all types ship machinery. The Ship Machinery, Engine and generators along with spare parts supplied by us are sourced from ship at ship recycling / ship breaking yards in India and are fully tested by skilled professional engineers before supplying to our valued customers around the globe.

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