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A counterweight for a crankshaft is a weight that is added to the crankshaft to help reduce or eliminate vibration. Vibration in an engine can be caused by the movement of the crank against the bearing, and if left unchecked, can cause damage to the engine.

To prevent this, engineers calculate the offset rotating loads for the rotation of the crank and design the counterweights accordingly.

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Counterweights are especially important in high-performance engines that operate at high rpm, as the forces acting on the engine components can be much greater at these speeds.
By reducing vibration, counterweights can help to increase the life of the engine bearings and other components, as well as improve the overall smoothness and durability of the engine.
There are two types of imbalance that can occur in an engine: reciprocating and rotating.

Reciprocating imbalance is caused by the movement of the pistons and rods, while rotating imbalance is caused by unbalanced rotating components such as the crankshaft or flywheel.
Counterweights are used to offset both types of imbalance. Primary imbalance occurs once per crankshaft revolution, and is easiest to think of when focusing on one single cylinder. 
During one crankshaft revolution, the piston goes from the top of the cylinder to the bottom, then back to the top. The reversal of inertia will cause a vibration, unless something offsets it.
The crankshaft counterweights are designed to handle this. Secondary imbalance occurs twice per crankshaft revolution, and is caused by the varying speed of the piston throughout the rotation of the crankshaft.
Near top dead center (TDC) and bottom dead center (BDC), piston speed is much slower than the remainder of the upward and downward strokes.
Balancing the rotating assembly of an engine is an important step in the engine building process.
Balancing starts and ends with the crankshaft, as the crankshaft counterweights offset or balance the inertia of the piston and connecting rod. They are cast or forged as part of the crank when it is made and balanced by adding or removing metal.
In summary, counterweights play a crucial role in reducing vibration and increasing the life and durability of an engine. They are especially important in high-performance engines that operate at high rpm, as the forces acting on the engine components can be much greater at these speeds.
By offsetting both reciprocating and rotating imbalance, counterweights help to ensure that an engine runs smoothly and efficiently, with reduced wear and tear on the engine bearings and other components.
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