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Sulzer has manufatcured a wide range of engines over the years, including diesel engines for stationary, road, rail, and marine use. The engine types usually 3omprise a number, then some letters, then another number. For example, 6LDA28 indicates a six-cylinder engine in the "LDA" series with a 28 cm cylinder bore.

In the early days, Sulzer built diesel engines for stationary use, and in 1898, they constructed the first Sulzer diesel engine. In 1912, Sulzer supplied the main and auxiliary engines for a large diesel locomotive built by A. Borsig of Berlin, which was the first large locomotive of its kind.

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Sulzer Engines and Spares

Sulzer also introduced an opposed piston two-stroke diesel engine for road use in 1937, which used a single crank with con-rods operating levers that moved the opposed pistons. This layout was similar to the 1905 Arrol-Johnston petrol engine.

In the 1930s, Sulzer came out with their LD series designed just for railway locomotives, which they would produce for many years. The top of this range (in 1945) was the 12LDA31, which was a 12 cylinder engine with two parallel crankshafts geared together, effectively two straight 6 engines in a common crankcase.

Sulzer also supplied diesel engines to the British Admiralty and the US Navy for some of their submarines. In the mid-1920s, Sulzer started to advertise their airless Diesel engines, meaning they were using liquid injection rather than injecting the fuel using an air-blast.

Sulzer's marine engine range in 1969 extended from the 3 cylinder version of the A25 auxiliary engine at 550 bhp to the 12 cylinder 48,000 bhp 12RND105 engine, 10 metres high, with cylinders over a metre in diameter. More recently, these main engines have been replaced by the RTA series of engines, still two stroke.

While Sulzer was well known for its two-stroke engines, they also builtfour-stroke engines, such as the ZA40S, which was a 400 mm bore, 4-stroke engine with a power output of 1,500 kW at 750 rpm.

In summary, Sulzer has manufactured a wide range of engine makes, including the LD series for railway locomotives, the A series for marine applications, and the Z series for stationary power generation. They have also built four-stroke engines, such as the ZA40S.The company is known for its high-quality, reliable engines, and has a reputation for innovation and durability in the industry.

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